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The approach we have with our associates is to provide them with the resources, coaching, and exposure needed to develop a fulfilling career.

The approach we have with our associates is to provide them with the resources, coaching, and exposure needed to develop a fulfilling career.

Associates are an integral part of our community of lawyers because they represent the future of our firm. Associates are hired with the expectation that they will one day become a Shareholder. In fact, two-thirds of our current Shareholders were Associates. That is because we train our Associates on how to become a great lawyer and give them exposure to many different practice groups and types of work.

We encourage our Associates and provide them with the resources they need to develop their legal, client relationships and business development skills.

As a result of the firm’s progressive thinking, organizational structure and client orientation, Associates are given significant responsibility early in their careers. We have a dedicated Marketing Department that is focused on growth and development of business with activities specific to Associate Marketing and helping our Associates develop a practice.

Associates receive real lawyer experience faster here versus at a larger firm (such as being involved in a 10-person team).  We give quality cases with important items and the ability to handle issues themselves. Associates interact directly with clients, opposing counsel, and/or the court. While an Associate may be hired to join a specific department, they are offered opportunities to either specialize or handle multidisciplinary assignments. Our approach ensures that Associates receive hands-on exposure to all aspects of cases, with as much or as little supervision as they require. Additionally, Associates will have the opportunity to work closely with a variety of Shareholders within the firm.


In addition to our hands-on approach, we encourage our Associates’ professional growth through a series of in-house training programs and firm-sponsored continuing legal education programs. Additionally, our mentoring program for Associates is an important part of their professional development. Each Associate is assigned a mentor along with access to a designated Shareholder for questions or whenever they require assistance. Mentors regularly communicate with Associates on both a formal and informal basis to introduce new ideas, people, and resources to Mentees. Our Mentors also:

  • Advise on long-term career development.
  • Discuss professional issues.
  • Give feedback on work product.
  • Offer professional development ideas.
  • Teach strategy and technical skills.


Associates also regularly receive professional development assessments through a series of evaluations and formal reviews. In addition to ongoing feedback provided during the course of their work, they will receive formal evaluations annually and be continually apprised of their work performance. Advancement within the firm is based upon professional competence and achievement in legal skills, client development, matter responsibility and contributions to the development of the firm. We value our Associates’ opinions. For that reason, the firm established an Associate Shareholder Committee that provides an open forum for Associates to be heard on issues or concerns. We want our Associates to be successful and become Shareholders. If you think Tucker Arensberg may fit into your career plans, please complete our contact form on this page.

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The same attributes that have anchored over a century of success are still our guiding principles today.

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