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Proposed Legislation Aims to Unlock Unlimited Catering Opportunities for R-Licensees

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Exciting news for restaurant owners in Pennsylvania with R-licenses! There is a proposed change to Pennsylvania’s Liquor Code that could increase your opportunity to sell alcohol outside your licensed premises. State Rep. Napoleon J. Nelson (D- Montgomery County) on May 15th, 2023, introduced HB1160, a bill that aims to expand the number of catering events available to R-licensees with a catering permit.

Catering Permit Benefits

Currently, the Liquor Code allows R-licensees to apply for an off-premises catering permit, enabling them to sell alcohol outside their regular licensed premises. This means licensees can bring the party to unlicensed venues for an identifiable group of people, not the public. However, there’s a catch. The Liquor Code limits the number of events to 52 per year.

HB1160 seeks to change the game entirely. If this bill passes, R-licensees could have an unlimited number of catering events per year. Just imagine the possibilities. You could take your culinary delights and fabulous drinks to any corner of the state, spreading joy and celebrating with more people than ever before.  This proposed legislation is a game-changer, an opportunity to elevate your business and take it to new heights.

We will keep a close eye on HB1160’s progress for you. If it becomes law, your restaurant’s bottom line could greatly benefit from having a catering permit.  The deadline to apply for a catering permit is March 1st of each calendar year, and the application fee is $500.00. If you need assistance applying for a catering permit for your business, please contact us

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May 21, 2023

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