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City Council Forces Landlords to Raise Rent on Residential Units

Kenneth G. Scholtz,, (412) 594-3903

Pittsburgh City Council voted to enact a program that will require registration, fees and inspections for all residential rentals within City limits, starting in May.  This same program was proposed and put to vote years ago, but did not pass amidst legal challenges based on the fee structure.  To help push the program through to passage on this attempt, Council reduced the fee structure.  Even with the new fee structure in place, landlords within City limits will be forced to raise rent to offset the costs of the program, and will likely incur other significant costs in compliance for years to come.  The program requires owners pay a $16 application fee, plus $5.50 per property, and $14 per unit for each inspection.  All owners must register all units within their portfolio by the end of this year.  Starting in 2023, all units are subject to health and safety inspections at least once every five years.  The registration period for owners starts at the end of May, with all owners required to register by year end.  Inspections will include lead dust wipe tests for all properties built before 1978.  The City will release additional guidance on its website within 90 days.  Legal challenges by landlord/owner groups are likely.  Link to the City press release below:

If you have questions regarding how this affects your property, please contact Ken Scholtz at (412) 594-3903, or

March 07, 2022

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