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    IRS and SSA Announce 2022 Indexed Numbers

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    The IRS and Social Security Administration have announced cost-of-living increases for retirement plans and other employee benefit plans for 2022.

    Compensation Limit$290,000$305,000
    Highly Compensated Employee$130,000$135,000
    401(k), 403(b), 457(b) Deferral Limit$ 19,500$ 20,500
    Age 50 Additional Catch-Up Limit$ 6,500$ 6,500
    Defined Contribution Plan Limit$ 58,000$ 61,000
    Defined Benefit Plan Limit$230,000$245,000
    Social Security Wage Base$142,800$147,000
    HSA Individual Contribution Limit$ 3,600$ 3,650
    HSA Family Contribution Limit$ 7,200$ 7,300
    Health FSA Limit$ 2,750$ 2,850

    See the IRS website for more details regarding cost-of-living increases.


    November 12, 2021

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