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    EEOC Issues Guidance To Employers About COVID Issues, Including Vaccine Mandates and Incentives

    Edward A. Wodarczyk, Esq.,, (412) 594-3920

    The EEOC issued guidance on May 28 about what employers may or may not do about a wide range of COVID issues, including vaccine mandates and incentives.  For example:


    • May employers require employees to be vaccinated?  Yes, but subject to reasonable accommodations for disabilities and other EEO considerations.
    • May employers offer an incentive to employees who voluntarily provide proof of vaccination?  Yes
    • May employers offer an incentive to employees who voluntarily receive a vaccination administered by the employer or its agent?  Yes, if the incentive (which includes both rewards and penalties) is not so substantial as to be coercive. 

    For more details about this EEOC guidance, see Q&A or contact Ed Wodarczyk at

    June 10, 2021

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