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The Importance of Federally Registering Your Company’s Trademark

By Mark Mazza

Pursuing the registration of a federal trademark or service mark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) is among one of the most advantageous and essential first steps for any new business owner.  Whether opening a new coffee shop, or developing the next major mobile application, brand awareness is a necessity in today’s grueling market.  Registering a company’s mark in its earliest stages allows for the unveiling of a trustworthy product or service, likely to be followed by a strong consumer base.  On the opposing end, choosing to pursue federal trademark registration only after the company has gained significant recognition invites others to “piggyback” upon the brand’s initial success.  Additionally, moving forward with an unregistered name or logo without first conducting a thorough search on the Trademark Electronic Search System database may result in immediate litigation from an already well-established competitor, ultimately resulting in the very painful and expensive process of having to rebrand.  Although submitting a federal trademark application with the USPTO does not guarantee successful registration, its potential benefits far outweigh its $225 or $275 base application fee. 


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October 28, 2020

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