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Co-Chair, Labor & Employment Group

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Seminar: Reopening the Economy and the Challenges Businesses Could Encounter

What businesses need to know about the latest legal, accounting, and insurance issues as they plan for a reopening of the economy.

Businesses that have been profoundly affected by the Coronavirus Crisis face further challenges as the economy looks to reopen in the near future. 

Join us for an up-to-the minute update and discussion of the legal, accounting, and insurance issues that most businesses face in these uncertain times, including: 

  • Bringing back furloughed/laid off employees and addressing employees’ concerns about returning to work (including COVID-19-related leave and/or accommodation requests); 
  • Evaluating PPP forgiveness and other CARES Act provisions;
  • Understanding the tax impacts of PPP and CARES Act;
  • Addressing accounting issues relating to PPP and potential forgiveness, government grants, insurance recoveries;
  • Preparing for audit issues relating to impairments, going concern matters, new debt impacts on covenants and credit agreements, consolidation / combination of VIEs, disclosure requirements. etc.;
  • Forecasting M&A matters, such as middle market deals, status of dry powder and availability of capital, outlook for post-coronavirus regarding multiples, R&Ws, T&Cs, insurance products, etc.;
  • Assessing risk issues, coverage considerations, employers’ considerations relating to continuity in operations, or resumption of operations, and best practices for risk management and insurance placement (including EPLI, Cyber Liability and Data Security, D&O, Business Interruption, Payroll and sales exposures (as a factor of General Liability and Workers’ Compensation)); and
  • Exploring fall/winter renewal expectations for self-funded and fully insured plan sponsors as a result of the COVID pandemic. 

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May 12, 2020

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