Non-profit organizations face special legal issues in addition to the general legal issues which every business faces. Agencies and organizations need attorneys who are good business lawyers coupled with a deep understanding of non-profit organizations and experience in helping those agencies.

We know that non-profit organizations have many purposes and sizes.  We have helped clients form:

  • Corporations
  • Foundations
  • Trusts or cooperatives

For many non-profits, an essential step is securing exemptions from federal, state and local taxation.  This includes exemptions under:

  • The Internal Revenue Code
  • State sales and use taxes
  • Real estate taxes

We help prepare exemption applications and represent clients in front of administrative boards and in court.

We work with a wide variety of non-profit entities helping with operational issues including:

  • Corporate governance
  • Management and control of boards of directors, members and volunteers
  • Advocacy and lobbying matters
  • Financial controls
  • Budgeting
  • Taxable and tax-exempt financing
  • Fund raising
  • Financial development
  • Bond issuance

And because non-profits face many of the same issues which other businesses face, we support them in all of those corporate transactions as well including:

  • Reorganizations and mergers
  • Contracts
  • Real estate and personal property acquisition and disposition
  • Leases
  • Employment and labor issues
  • Zoning & land use
  • Taxation