Lawyers in the Tucker Arensberg, P.C. Energy Practice Group have experience in the energy field going back to the days when coal was king.  Our lawyers have represented oil and gas project developers, well drillers, producers, processors and midstream companies.  Our clients range from small operations to some of the largest oil and gas producers in the United States.  Members of the Energy Practice Group have represented coal producers and marketers, and even some utility company consumers.  We also represent a large electric utility company in virtually all of their litigation. In the course of representing these diverse energy related clients we have provided a broad range of legal services.  A few of the matters in which we have represented these companies are set forth below

  • Developing private placement memoranda, and providing related securities and tax advice
  • Negotiating leases, farm-out agreements and rights of way
  • Performing title work on large scale drilling projects
  • Negotiating and preparing partnership agreements and operating agreements
  • Negotiating and preparing transportation and processing agreements
  • Advising clients on environmental issues and litigating environmental claims
  • Creating affiliated company structures to serve client needs and reduce risk
  • Litigating landowner claims
  • Litigating contract disputes arising out of gas transportation and processing
  • Litigating federal issues relating to public land access and development
  • Litigating engineering and construction projects, including pipeline construction
  • Assisting clients in developing creative new development scenarios
  • Advising clients in the sale and purchase of energy assets, including leases, pipelines and processing plants

Tucker Arensberg provides these services to oil and gas developers and producers and coal producers, and to ancillary businesses in the oil and gas and coal industries, primarily in the Appalachian Basin of Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, Western New York and Northern West Virginia.

The firm also has extensive experience in matters relating to the financing of oil, gas and coal operations and the restructuring of troubled credits for these industries. These financing engagements have taken the nature of general corporate loans, limited recourse deals and project finance operations. Our coal related transactions have resulted in depth exposure to take or pay contracts and title issues concerning coal operations.

Through our long term representation of our clients, we have gained in-depth experience of the industry and how it functions at every level.