Our lawyers who concentrate on Elder Law address common issues faced by older individuals.

These issues include claims for social security, Medicare and taxation of retirement benefits, lifetime management of property under a Power of Attorney or a Living Trust, tax-saving gift plans, and estate planning.

Our elder law services include advice to the fiduciaries, including agents under powers of attorney, trustees, executors and guardians. Our lawyers also are available to conduct court actions to defend or enforce a power of attorney, a trust, a will, or related estate planning arrangements for the benefit of an older individual or designated beneficiaries.

As clients live longer they sometimes experience diminishing mental capacity, and include assistance in making health care decisions, housing choices and changes, obtaining senior citizen benefits or support programs, disability claims, and long-term care planning. Where an older person lacks capacity or fails to provide for their own safety and well-being, a guardianship procedure may be necessary for their protection. Long-term care planning interfaces with health insurance plans, or the Medicare and Medicaid systems, with their complexity in coverage and changing procedures, may include appeals upon denied claims.

Elder law services also apply to those who are disabled due to a physical or mental condition. Special Needs Trusts can benefit a person in such a condition without sacrificing available public benefits.

Our elder law lawyers are experienced with alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, to address conflicts or disputes involving elderly persons.

In addressing elder law matters, we represent individuals respectfully, creatively, and competently, customizing our advice for each situation, and standing with our client for the length of his or her personal journey.