Tucker Arensberg Says Goodbye to John Papuga

John Papuga, an attorney at Tucker Arensberg for 50 years passed away on January 3, 2014.

John was a highly respected real estate and commercial finance attorney. He was a strong writer and known for his drafting capabilities, loan documentation work, and appellate brief writing.

John was involved in many of the firm’s appellate cases, when real estate issues were primary.  One of the cases he worked on was the appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court deciding whether Point Park would be granted a tax exemption on certain of its real estate.  John and the other attorneys on the case learned about the successful outcome as they were walking past the offices of the Pittsburgh Press which was printing its newspaper with a headline that read “Point Park Wins Tax Appeal.”

John was an avid reader and a life-long learner, two traits which made him extremely valuable to the firm and its clients.  Perhaps most importantly, John is remembered as being a good man who always did the right thing for the firm and its clients.

John Papuga Obituary