Public Release of Comprehensive Reporting on Athletic Opportunities for Male/Female Students

Contributed by Matthew M. Hoffman

Due for the first time on  October 15, 2013 (reporting 2012-13 data), is the comprehensive reporting by school entities of athletic opportunities afforded to male and female secondary school students.  The data included in these reports must be made readily available to the public and posted on the school district’s website. The disclosure form developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education requires the collation and reporting of data concerning, among other things, the number of student athletes by gender, the history of team sports offered by the school district, the number of interscholastic competitions and practices in which each team participates, the number of coaches and athletic trainers devoted to each sport, expenditures for uniforms, travel, equipment, coaching staff and facilities and non-school contributions, such as monies and donations of equipment and supplies by booster clubs.  This  reporting became law in June 2012.

This legislation is focused only upon disclosure and does not impose any legal obligations upon school districts that do not otherwise already exist regarding Title IX.

This publicly available and concentrated data may expose school districts to scrutiny and inquiries from the general public and advocates regarding actual or perceived disparities between boys’ and girls’ athletic opportunities. Consequently, it would be prudent for school districts to utse the data generated by the required reporting to self-assess their Title IX compliance.