Information Security

The world is becoming increasingly more dependent on computers and electronic information.  Physical security is relatively mature, but access controls on electronic information are mature in cases, but not quite mature in other cases.  Perhaps the weakest link in terms of securing electronic information is the human.  To that end, SANS has excellent material on a site entitled, “Securing the Human” at  SANS also has an excellent newsletter resource called “OUCH!” which is a security awareness newsletter at  Having recently taught at the Mobile Device Summit 2013 on securing mobile healthcare information, I can tell you that the quality of educational resources and instruction is very high.  In fact, many certified and senior SANS instructors travel internationally to provide information security training.  Whether you are looking at local, state, national, or global initiatives, information security is becoming a topic of critical importance and there is a significant need to secure information to prevent theft, tampering, loss, or other criminal or undesirable consequences.